3D Mammography – The Game Changer In Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. To treat it, you must find it. If you find it early, you have a greater chance of an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. At Henry Community Health we commit ourselves every day to matching our compassionate breast health care with state-of-the-art technology to help ensure an early and accurate diagnosis for breast cancer.

Our new 3-D wide-angle breast mammography helps us examine breast tissue layer by layer, making it easier to detect breast cancer.

A New Standard In Breast Care

3D breast mammography (or technically 3D breast tomosynthesis) is becoming a new standard in mammography. It helps doctors see breast tissue in greater depth and clarity. Traditionally, mammograms have come from digital screening that produces 2D pictures of the breast. But overlapping and dense breast tissue make it hard for 2D pictures to show microcalcifications that suggest early signs of cancer.

Wide-angle breast mammography helps us solve that problem. It offers a better view of breast tissue than 2D mammography alone. This is important because finding breast cancer early provides a greater chance of an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.