You’ve heard of school sports, and you’ve heard of sports medicine. But did you know that sports medicine practices are there to help even before you experience injury? Read on to learn how an experienced sports medicine group can help young athletes not only heal but also excel in their chosen sport. 

What does a sports medicine physician do? 

A sports medicine physician specializes in both preventing and treating illness and injury. More specifically, they focus on non-musculoskeletal conditions. This means they want to help you avoid costly and invasive procedures when alternative approaches can bring you relief. 

What does sports medicine have to do with back-to-school sports?

Sports medicine is a multifaceted specialty, so a sports medicine physician can be an expert guide for your student athlete. While a primary care provider can complete a sports physical, a sports medicine physician can give you advice about an athlete returning to a sport after an injury or provide guidance on how to avoid injuries. 

How can a sports medicine physician help young athletes succeed in sports? 

Something not everyone understands about sports medicine is that you can receive athletic training services in addition to athletic recovery services. This means your student athlete will be receiving tips on how to maximize their athletic performance from a medical expert. They can make recommendations for appropriate conditioning, provide adaptations to avoid aggravating old injuries, and guide an athlete who needs targeted strengthening activities. 

What if my student athlete requires surgical services? 

Although sports medicine focuses on non-surgical approaches, many sports medicine practices and physicians are also specialized in orthopedics. This means that you can go to one place for all of your needs. For example, if your athlete has an injury that requires surgery but wants to get back to sports quickly, a united team of sports medicine and orthopedic experts can administer the surgery as well as recovery services. 

Why should I consult a sports medicine specialist even before an injury? 

Sports medicine physicians are a great resource even if you’re not worried about a specific injury. They can provide referrals to a sports medicine performance enhancement team. Then the team will work to create a program tailored to a young athlete’s needs and goals.

Why should I choose Henry Community Health for my sports medicine needs? 

Henry Community Health has a proven track record in orthopedics and sports medicine and a vast range of services to support you. We have the Sports Medicine and Performance Enhancement Center where you can see performance enhancement specialists and athletic trainers who help athletes improve their abilities on the field, court, or wherever they compete. Our athletic trainers partner with high schools to provide support at sporting events. These trainers work in our gym, too, helping to prevent injury and optimize performance. Did you know that our practice served as team physicians for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2021? We also have providers who are both orthopedic surgeons and specialists in sports medicine and work in conjunction with our Sports Medicine and Performance Enhancement Center. 

At Henry Community Health, we want to see student athletes in our area thrive. That is why we provide comprehensive sports medicine services.

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