Henry Community Health is able to thrive because of the dedication and service of our exceptional healthcare providers. They are committed members of the community, and we wanted to hear from one of them about their experiences. In honor of Pain Awareness Month, we asked Dr. Andrew M. Davisson to share with us about his journey to joining the Interventional Spine and Pain team at HCH and how he serves patients in the area. 

What is your professional background?

“I attended Indiana University School of Medicine and did my residency at Carolinas Rehabilitation in Charlotte, North Carolina followed by an interventional spine fellowship.”

Carolinas Rehabilitation is “recognized as a Best Hospital for Rehabilitation by U.S News & World Report and Newsweek,” which means Dr. Davisson has extensive and premiere training in his field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. 

Why did you choose to pursue physical medicine and rehabilitation as your specialty?

“I chose physical medicine and rehabilitation because it focused on restoring function and quality of life for patients. It looks at the whole scope of care from rehab to surgery for patients of all ages.”

Why did you choose to join a practice at HCH?

“Practicing at HCH was a lifelong goal of mine. Growing up in New Castle, I have always felt a special bond with the community, and I have enjoyed serving here.”

Dr. Davisson’s unique connection to the local community makes him a perfect fit for HCH and our patients. His story is part of their story as well.  

What are some common reasons someone would come to you at Interventional Spine and Pain?

“Common reasons to see us at Interventional Spine and Pain include pain or dysfunction of the neck, lumbar, or peripheral joint pain for a patient that wants to avoid major surgery and get back to their normal function.”

As Dr. Davisson emphasizes, the first goal with pain management is to do everything possible to avoid surgery but preserve and improve a patient’s quality of life.  

How does a patient know when it’s time to come to you for help with their pain?

“Patients typically seek our care when common remedies such as rest, OTC pain medicines, and therapy have been unable to relieve their symptoms.”

How do you approach patients who are dealing with chronic back pain or general chronic pain and haven’t found relief previously?

“My approach to chronic pain includes listening to a patient’s history and detailing the treatments they have tried previously. We do a thorough exam and appropriate imaging studies to determine the likely source of their symptoms and discuss various options that we have available to address their pain.”

What kinds of services do you provide for pain?

“We provide care from conservative measures such as therapy and home exercise programs to injections and minimally invasive surgeries. We also treat chronic migraine headaches with Botox therapy.”

The wonderful thing about physical medicine and rehabilitation is its vast range of options that are noninvasive and the ability to lean on experts who can help you choose the right treatment plan. 

What is something you wish patients knew about dealing with pain?

“Patients should understand that pain is complex and it often requires a multidisciplinary approach with therapy, medications, and interventions to improve.”

What do you want patients to take away from their experience with Interventional Spine and Pain?

“I hope that each patient walks away from our time together feeling heard, valued, and understood. I want patients to feel comfortable and have a share in deciding the plan of care to restore their quality of life and function.”

Dr. Davisson paints a clear picture for anyone seeking help for their ongoing pain: Interventional Spine and Pain is a patient-focused practice. Providers like Dr. Davisson and his colleagues will not only work for you but will also work alongside you to create a brighter future. 
If you or someone you know wants to learn more about interventions for pain at HCH, they can explore more of our Spine and Pain Management specialty page or contact Interventional Spine and Pain by calling 765-593-2000. Services are available at three convenient locations: Forest Ridge in New Castle, Muncie, and Cambridge City.