The DAISY Award is a special recognition for some of the most hardworking personnel you will ever meet in a healthcare setting: nurses. To be a nurse is to make a profound impact on patients on a daily basis. When these extraordinary individuals go above and beyond, they can be nominated by patients, coworkers, and families for a DAISY Award from The DAISY Foundation. The DAISY Foundation presents this award to “honor them [nurses] by showing our profound gratitude for all that they do.”

Henry Community Health is home to a vast team of dedicated and compassionate nurses, and two have recently been recognized for their outstanding contributions to our healthcare system and community. 

Amanda Brookbank: Recipient of the Quarterly DAISY Nurse Honoree Award

The DAISY Foundation describes the DAISY Award as “a recognition program to celebrate and recognize nurses by collecting nominations from patients, families, and co-workers.” It focuses on the tenacity of nurses and their uncompromising commitment to their patients and positive patient outcomes. Nurses are constantly on the frontlines, working tirelessly to provide support and offer patients professionalism day in and day out. A DAISY Award recipient exemplifies these qualities. 

Amanda Brookbank was nominated this quarter for being the pinnacle of a nursing professional and more for a grateful patient who went through cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. Her nominator, John Brandt, chose her “for her advocating, for her compassion and caring for me and others for close to a year in both stages of rehab.” She offered him commitment and kindness throughout his experiences at HCH and beyond, including helping him get appointments earlier, providing comfort for his nerves, improving his blood pressure, and even driving him to Indianapolis for a procedure that took nearly all day. He sums up her incredible contributions with this: “A nurse angel. In addition to being professional, kind, informative, compassionate, and caring on a daily basis, I consider her a friend.”

Jenna Davis: Recipient of the DAISY Nurse Leader Award for 2024

The DAISY Nurse Leader Award is unique. It recognizes nurse leaders who often work behind the scenes coordinating nursing staff and ensuring quality care. Their role is to be a resource and support for those they manage, and they face the challenges of creating a consistent, welcoming, and nurturing environment for nurses and patients alike. Without their steadfast leadership, other nursing staff would be unable to remain focused on providing exceptional care. 

Jenna Davis was nominated this year for her leadership in the same-day surgical service area. Her nominator, Eric Pinkie, DNAP, CRNA, explains “Her communication, coordination of resources to meet organizational goals, and her leadership style are exemplary.” He also highlights “her inter-professional collaboration and communication” and unwavering commitment to excellence. In fact, she’s been known to stay after hours preparing for whatever is next so everything can continue to run smoothly. She is a stalwart fixture on her team and provides a safe place to turn for other nursing personnel. 

About the DAISY Award

The DAISY Award in all its forms is meant to recognize the heroes in the nursing profession. The award has been connected to a range of positive results for nursing professionals at healthcare facilities who participate in the program. Three areas of impact include: 

  1. Encouraging nurse engagement
  2. Providing a healthy work environment
  3. Creating a patient and family-focused experience

Recipients of the award are recognized with a celebration at which they receive a DAISY portfolio, a Healer’s Touch sculpture, a pin, a congratulations banner, a copy of their nomination(s), and a gift bag. Nominees who do not receive the award are also recognized with a copy of their nomination(s), a nominee pin, and a note of recognition from their leader or leadership team. 

Henry Community Health is proud to be a partner of the DAISY Award and offer this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible contributions of our nursing providers and to continue this program to foster a positive, supportive, and warm working environment. 

Congratulations once again to our recent recipients, Jenna Davis and Amanda Brookbank! 
Are you interested in a nursing career at HCH? Explore our Careers page to research current opportunities and submit your application.