“It always seems too early until it’s too late”

Advanced care planning is the best gift you can give to your family and various forms for healthcare decisions are available here. These forms are intended to provide you with information about advance directives in Indiana.

“Advance directive” is a term that refers to your spoken and written instructions about your future medical care and treatment.  By stating your health care choices in an advance directive, you help your family and physician understand your wishes about your medical care.  Indiana law pays special attention to advance directives.

Advance directives are normally one or more documents that list your health care instructions. An advance directive may name a person of your choice to make health care choices for you when you cannot make the choices for yourself.  If you want, you may use an advance directive to prevent certain people from making health care decisions on your behalf.

Here are a variety of forms to assist you, but you are urged to discuss your choices with your family and your physician.

Health Care Representative Appointment

Life Prolonging Procedures Declaration

Living Will Declaration

Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment

Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Declaration

Patient Rights

Advance Directives