The Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time

We have many medication safety measures in place to help make sure the right patient, receives the right medicine in the right dose, in the right form and at the right time. Some examples include Medicines You Are Taking It’s very important for you to keep an accurate, up to date record of:

  • Drugs you are allergic to
  • Medicines you are taking
    • Prescription medicines
    • Over the counter medicines
    • Vitamins and other supplements

This information is critical in helping us care for you. To make this easier, we suggest you fill out and keep up to date a Personal Health Record to keep track of prescriptions and other important medical information.

Medication History at Admission

  • When admitted to the Hospital or visiting our Emergency Department, you will be asked to provide a complete list of all prescriptions and over the counter medications and supplements such as vitamins you are taking.
  • They’ll then interview you (or a family member if you aren’t able to be interviewed) to find out why you are taking your medicines, how often, the amount of the dosage and whether you are allergic to any medicines.
  • This information is entered into your electronic health record so it is readily available when needed for hospital staff and physicians.
  • When you go home from the hospital we provide information on any new medicine or any medicine discontinued during your hospital stay to you, your primary care physician, and any other physicians indicated by the physician caring for you in the hospital. Be sure to update this new information on your Personal Health Record.

Bar Coding on Patient Wristbands

On admission each patient’s wristband is given a bar code that is then scanned anytime medicines are given to ensure that the right medicine is being given to the right patient.

Getting the Right Medicine to Our Patients – Pyxis Parx

This system utilizes bar code scanning for real-time tracking and monitoring of medications and is one of our first check-points to catch a potential medication error. It allows our pharmacy staff to quickly and easily pick the right medication, check the medication for accuracy and deliver it to the nursing unit and ultimately to the patient.

A Final Check – Medication Administration Check (MAC) Pharmacy System

This system lets everyone who is caring for you see a list of all of the medicine you are taking and decreases communication errors. MAC also lets us scan medications (bar codes) at the bedside as a final check before giving your medicine to you.