Dear Valued Care Team Member,Paul Janssen CEO

Welcome and congratulations on becoming a member of the Henry Community Health family. We are excited you have joined our team and it will be a pleasure to work alongside you as we connect with the patients we serve every day. Working together, we will strive to take healthcare in our community and the surrounding communities we serve to new heights.

As a leading provider in the region, Henry Community Health’s mission is “to provide quality, compassionate healthcare in a safe environment to meet the needs of the communities we serve.”

We understand a patient is more than an illness; it’s not just delivering a baby, mending a broken bone or curing a disease. It’s celebrating the birth of a new baby, regaining the strength to attend a daughter’s soccer game, or knowing there is life after cancer. It’s giving our communities the tools they need to lead healthy lives.

Through teamwork, compassion and professionalism, we dedicate ourselves to treating patients, families and staff alike, with dignity and respect, in a state-of-the-art, nurturing environment. Our commitment to providing the best possible patient and employee experiences is reflected at the heart of our culture through the guiding principles of the Henry Community Health Way.

The Henry Community Health Way was created by our employees and patients, for our employees and patients. By embracing these values and consistently going the extra mile for each other, we continue to make lasting connections… by caring for you like family– every day, every step of the way. As you settle into your new role, please take a moment to review the materials provided, including information on the Henry Community Health Way.

Again, welcome to Henry Community Health and let the journey begin!


Paul F. Janssen,
President & CEO