Don’t Delay The Care Your Need

Here Is How We Are Keeping You Safe At Henry Community Health

Temperature Checks and Screenings

Staff are screened daily and sent home if they have a fever or COVID-19 symptoms. Patients and guests are screened before entering the hospital. Physician office patients are screened on the phone the day before their appointment and again when they enter the office to check-in. Information about where to seek care is provided for patients and guests who have COVID-19 symptoms.

Protective Masks Required For Everyone

All staff are wearing protective masks. Patients and visitors who are allowed are required to wear a mask, bandana, scarf or similar face covering.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfectant Protocols

All patient rooms and clinical areas are thoroughly sanitized before and after each patient. High-touchpoint areas are sanitized frequently throughout the day. Staff practice frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer stations and dispensers are available throughout our main campus and outpatient locations.

Telehealth Visits For Physician Offices

Patients may ask their provider’s office if they would prefer a telehealth (telemedicine) visit. Our physician offices have many enhanced safety measures if you prefer or need to have an in-office appointment.

Preregistering Patients On The Phone

For many services and physician office visits, patients are called ahead of time and pre-registered to reduce the time they will need to spend in a waiting room.

Waiting Room Social Distancing

Waiting areas are arranged for social distancing and we have reduced the number of patients in waiting rooms by spacing out appointments. Some physician offices and outpatient services ask patients to call when they arrive for their appointment and then wait in the car until they are ready to be seen. At our main campus, there are “sick” and “healthy” waiting areas.

Strict Isolation Procedures For Suspected and Diagnosed COVID-19 Patients

Emergency Department and hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 are isolated from other patients. Staff follow strict protocols while caring for isolation patients, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) upon entering and exiting all isolation patient rooms for their safety and the safety of other patients.

Surgery and Procedure Screening

All patients undergoing elective surgical procedures are required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to the surgical procedure. In order to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff, enhanced screening questions will be asked prior to Sleep Center appointments and other elective minor procedures.

Carefully Allowing Visitors

We are now allowing one visitor/support person for most of our hospitalized patients. One person also may accompany a patient to the Emergency Department, a physician office appointment or an outpatient service. Click here for the specific guidelines for visitors.