Dr. Anjan Kaushik Full-Time In New Castle Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1, Dr. Anjan Kaushik will be practicing full-time in New Castle. It will now be easier than ever to schedule an appointment with him at Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.

His expertise and connection with his patients have made him a leading orthopedic surgeon taking care of hand, finger, wrist and elbow conditions in eastern and central Indiana. His patients express confidence in his ability to compassionately care for them and consistently praise his surgical skills.

Dr. Kaushik strives to maximize non-surgical options. If surgery is necessary, he provides patients with an evidence-based outlook for treatment outcomes, rehabilitation and recovery after surgery. He is passionate about helping patients recover from a broad variety of limb conditins from the finger tips to the toes. His philosophy is centered around kindness and compassion for the patient.

Visit YourHandCareSpecialist.org to learn more about how Dr. Kaushik can help you.