• This is not a contest. This is an employee wellness program encouraging you to walk more and to reinforce healthy lifestyle changes you already may have begun as well as create new ones.
  • This program is for HCH employees – including part-time and PRN employees. You DO NOT have to be a participant in a hospital health insurance plan. New employees must be employed for 90 days before they can join.
  • Employees can purchase a Fitbit pedometer through payroll deduction taken out over 2 pays.  If you already have a Fitbit, you may use your own.
  • Other pedometers that are supported by Walkingspree (Garmin and devices that can connect to Apple HealthKit or Google Fit) can be used to upload steps and participate in the program, but CANNOT be payroll deducted.
  • You are responsible for your own pedometer and for tracking steps. If your pedometer is lost or broken you will be responsible for purchasing its replacement.   If your device is under warranty and you feel it should be replaced, you are responsible for contacting the company’s customer service directly.  HCH is not responsible for setting up or troubleshooting your device.  Fitbit’s Customer Service number is 1-877-623-4997.
  • HCH will pay the $3.50 per member-per month fee for full time, part time and PRN employees.
  • Free replacement batteries for the Walkingspree Omron and Fitbit Zip pedometers (CR2032) can be obtained in HR.
  • Employee participants will be entered into prize drawings and can earn PDO hours by uploading steps to the Walkingspree website.  Prizes will be taxed as income which is required by law.  Participants must be employed by HCH at the time the incentive is given.
  • If you have not uploaded walking data for 120 days you will be automatically removed from the Walkingspree program.

To sign up, contact Wellness Coordinator Julie Brown, jrbrown@hcmhcares.org, 521-1521.