Free Local Help Obamacare and HIP 2.0 Enrollment

If you need health insurance and find it is frustrating to understand and enroll, free local help is available for you and your family. ClaimAid at Henry Community Health and Interlocal Cap (ICAP) can help you find out which plan you qualify for and help with your enrollment. Assistance also is provided for enrollment in Medicaid and Children’s Health Plan (CHIP).

You can call ClaimAid at Henry County Hospital 765.599.3146 or 765.599.3179 and Interlocal CAP at 765.529.4403. Wayne County residents can call Interlocal CAP at 765-488-2416 and ask for Ext. 243 or Staci.

Healthcare Marketplace (Obamacare) Enrollment November 1-December 15, 2018

Financial help to help reduce premium cost is available based on family size and income. All pre-existing conditions are covered as are many preventive health services. Benefits also include doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, laboratory and mental health services. Henry Community Health and members of Henry Community Health Medical Group are participating in MHS (now Celtic Insurance) and CareSource plans. Additional information is available at

HIP 2.0 – For Low-Income Adults 19-64

Low-income Indiana adults 19-64 are generally eligible to participate in HIP 2.0 and receive financial help based on family size and income. Benefits include medical expenses such as doctor visits, hospital care and prescriptions. Vision and dental care may be covered. Additional information is available at Henry Community Health and Henry Community Health Medical Group physicians are accepting new HIP 2.0 patients and participate in all three plans: Anthem HIP, MHS HIP, CareSource HIP and MDwise HIP