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Sibling Silly

Is a new baby brother or sister on the way and you’re wondering how it is going to effect your other child or children? This class is for children 3 and over where they will learn how to be a big brother/big sister.

We’ll cover things like diapering, feeding and talking about what having that new arrival in your home.

Bring a doll or stuffed bear!

Class Content

  • What it means to be a sibling
  • What will baby look like
  • Hey, What about me?
  • How baby grows
  • What’s happening to mommy
  • Helping with feeding
  • Helping with diapering
  • Proper handling of baby
  • Safety around a new baby
  • Tour maternity unit & nursery
  • What happens when mommy goes to the hospital


We want to Show-N-Tell you about Henry County Hospital Children’s Unit.

Our special program is geared to children from preschool through second grade. We hope it will eliminate fears in regards to hospital stays and procedures.

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Class Content

  • What happens during admission
  • Wearing a name wrist band
  • Medical charts
  • Taking vital signs
  • Equipment seen at the hospital
  • Masks and gowns
  • What to expect with surgery
  • Tour of hospital
  • X-ray equipment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Lab and blood work
  • The Emergency Room