Sleep Center Caters to Children

Sleep problems in children (such as sleep apnea) are becoming more recognized and are thought to contribute to health problems such as obesity and ADHD by some medical professionals.

Henry Community Health Sleep Center at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion is able to perform overnight sleep tests on children. Comfortable recliners available for mom or dad to sleep in during the test.

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2004 Sleeping America poll, almost one in five preschoolers and school age children snore. Enlarged tonsils or adenoids can cause blockages that make the snoring sound.

Snoring can also be a sign of sleep apnea, a more severe sleep disorder. If your child snores regularly or loudly, stops breathing, gasps for breath, or works particularly hard to breathe while sleeping, he may have sleep apnea. Children with sleep apnea can stop breathing several times or more an hour.

The children and adults with sleep apnea are not able to sleep well with all these disruptions. The lack of good sleep, or perhaps the lack of enough oxygen during sleep, is suspected to increase risk for daytime learning problems, poor school performance, daytime sleepiness and hyperactivity. It can also cause headaches and high blood pressure.