Cardiac Rehab Phase II

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II is offered at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion. Our Cardiac Rehab Phase II program requires a physician referral. Your insurance company most likely will pay for some or all of the cost of your Phase II program.

Patients in our Cardiac Rehab Phase II program attend exercise sessions three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for one hour. You’ll also meet others like yourself who can help you stay on track to maintain a healthier heart. After you’ve completed the program, you may feel better than ever and want to make these lifestyle changes a part of your everyday life!

Your progress is reported weekly to your physician. Any changes in your health status are reported as needed to your physician to enhance your medical care.

Our Program includes monitored exercise using individualized exercise prescription and educational programs. Our staff includes RNs, exercise specialists, and registered dieticians along with a supervising physician.

While it is unusual for patients to have cardiac problems during their exercised program, emergency equipment and staff trained in basic and advanced life support are nearby at all times.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III is offered at HealthRidge Wellness Center located on the lower level of Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion and is available by referral to Phase II graduates only. With Cardiac Rehab Phase III, participants have the freedom of coming in to our facility and working out in our Cardio Theater. We think the combination of increased selection in machines and cheerful surroundings will keep you coming back.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III program is just $50 for 15 visits and allows entry into our Cardio Theater only. It is not covered by most insurance. A physician’s prescription or an authorized signature from any Cardiac Rehab Phase II program is needed in order to participate. You must be an HCH Cardiac Rehab Phase II graduate to qualify for this special pricing. Your physician may give you the prescription or fax it to us at 765.521.1492.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III participants will be required to have a one-hour evaluation with an Exercise Specialist. Please call 765.521.1216 and select option 2 to set up your appointment.

Our Prescription Wellness programs also are available for Cardiac Rehab Phase II graduates at a cost of $60 for the first month and $50 for each month you are enrolled after that. There are no limits on the number of visits per month or how long you stay each visit. Other advantages include the fact that you are not limited to the Cardio Theater. Prescription Wellness participants also may use prescribed strength training equipment and free weights. You do not need to be a Phase II graduate in order to qualify for this program.