Henry Community Health Hospice uses donations and gifts to fund staff and community education and for patient services when there is a need. Your donation or gift is an opportunity to support this very important service for our community.

Memorials & Gifts

The most frequent gift to Henry Community Health Hospice is a donation in memory of a relative or friend. Memorial gifts give special meaning to the family of the deceased, allowing a donor to express sympathy, love and respect, while contributing to an ongoing cause. Gifts of any amount are gratefully accepted and each is acknowledged with personal correspondence to both the donor and the deceased’s family.


Planned giving in the form of wills, trusts, retirement funds, annuities and paid-up life insurance policies is also another option for supporting our services. A bequest can be a specified dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of an estate, or the remainder of the estate after other bequests have been made.

Stock & Tangible Property

Donors can receive the same income tax deduction for a gift of stock as for a gift of cash. They can also avoid paying income taxes by making donations from retirement plans such as IRA’s and 401 (k)’s that include deferred income. We will provide you with instructions to have stock transferred to our account, acknowledging the gift value at the date of transfer.

Hospice gratefully receives a variety of tangible gifts including real estate property, automobiles, and other items of value. Especially appealing to donors is an arrangement to deed real estate to Hospice with special provisions to remain in your residence for your lifetime.

Please direct any inquiries about making a donation to Henry Community Health Hospice to Jo Ella Peavie at 765.593.2389 or 888.216.9823.