Our volunteers are special people who help us, our patients and their families in many ways. We provide special training to give you the tools you need to serve as a Hospice volunteer. If you have the time and the desire to make a difference, you’ll find this a very rewarding experience. Volunteer opportunities include:

Administrative Support

In the administrative offices, volunteers provide much-needed support, including answering the phone, working on the computer, helping with mailings, photocopying and other tasks.

Bereavement Support

Opportunities exist to assist with support groups, make follow-up calls to families, and help with memorial services.

Patient/Family Care

Providing respite care and support for the patient and family is one of the most personal ways a volunteer can become involved with Henry County Hospice. The volunteer serves as a friend, visiting the patient where he or she lives.

For more information about our Volunteer Program contact us at Henry Community Health Hospice at 765.593.2389 or 888.216.9823.