New Indiana Law Concerning Concussions

This article is very important considering pre-season begins for fall sports in just a few weeks. Indiana has passed legislation concerning the management of sports-related concussions. The IHSAA passed a mandate last year and this new law basically follows the same recommendations. Let’s take a quick look at this important piece of legislation.

SEA No. 93 states that a student athlete suspected of having a concussion in a practice or game must be removed from play at the time of injury and may not return until written clearance from a licensed health care provider can be obtained. This is important because it doesn’t just stipulate game time but practices as well. The legislation further illustrates that the student athlete cannot return to play until they have been evaluated by a licensed health care provider that is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions and head injuries. It is important to note that the health care provider must be trained in how to properly assess the injury and how to treat the injury properly. This is a direct reference to physicians and athletic trainers. Most paramedics aren’t specifically trained in the management of concussions and most chiropractors aren’t either yet some individuals try to go to these practitioners for medical clearance.

Sports-related concussions is currently an intensely hot topic. Legislation’s are being put into place all across the country. This further illustrates the severity of this issue and that concussions are not to be taken lightly. This is a great piece of legislation that has been passed and is necessary to be followed to protect the health/safety of our student athletes. If you have further questions on concussions or about this new law feel free to contact me at or 765.521.1131.

HB 1467

The past few weeks have presented a few improvements in athletic health care in Indiana. Two important laws have been passed. For now, we will only discuss one. HB 1467 directly impacts the field of Athletic Training and will greatly enhance the profession. Below is a brief update that all athletic trainers in Indiana received in our newsletter.

House Bill 1467 passed the full Senate with a 50-0 vote. There
were some language modifications and HB 1467 was reconfirmed
in the House of Representatives 91-1. Our legislation now goes to
Governor Daniels for signing.

Below is a synposis of Indian’s Bill for Athletic Trainer Reimbursement.

“Requires reimbursement under a policy of accident and
sickness insurance or health maintenance organization
contract for certain services that are covered under the
policy or contract and are provided by a licensed athletic
trainer under the athletic trainer’s scope of practice.”

There were additional clarifications and minor exclusions to our
Bill. This legislation applies to insurance written after June 30,
2011, or when the insurance policy renews.

There obviously will be a period of transition and clarification. More specific details will be sent to us as it gets closer to the time for implementation of this bill. As more information is sent out I will write another article on this very important topic. In a few weeks I will write the next article on the topic about the new concussion law that has just been passed.