Sports medicine does not just include athletic trainers. Sports medicine is an “umbrella” term that refers to several different healthcare professionals working together. That is what we do here at Henry Community Health Sports Medicine. While the athletic trainers are the more visible entities of our program, because we are on the sideline, there are several other individuals that help coordinate the best care possible for our athletes. One of them is Karey Claywell, whom we work very closely with and has been a tremendous asset to providing the highest standard of care for our student-athletes. Below is a little information about Karey.

“My name is Karey Claywell and I am a Certified Physician Assistant and Athletic Trainer, working with Dr. Lindsey Rolston. I have worked in multiple fields including orthopedics, rheumatology, and emergency medicine. I graduated from Butler University in 2003 with a second Bachelors Degree from the Physician Assistant program and from Ball State University in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training.”

“My interest in medicine started when I was young. I grew up on a farm and was fascinated with the care that the animals received from the veterinarian. I knew I wanted to do something similar with people. I loved to help people and wanted to be involved in a career that would fulfill that love. I played multiple sports growing up and was injured one season during softball and underwent physical therapy treatment. The physical therapist did a great job and sparked my interest even more so I started researching different medical careers to decide what I wanted to do. I became involved in the Health Occupations program through Henry County Hospital during my senior year of high school and that exposed me to a wide variety of medical careers. I worked with Matt Matanich in the Sports Medicine department and continued my education at Ball State, then Butler to obtain my medical degrees. I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with vocational school and was able to make connections that have continued to help me during my medical career. I am married and have 2 children, ages 3 & 5. They keep me very busy with sports, dance, and school-related activities. We are actively involved in our church, New Testament Church of Christ, and love working with the youth. In my free time, I enjoy boating, working out, photography, and gardening.”