At all levels of sport, the need has elevated for athletes to be exposed to functional training in order to develop a higher level of athletic preparation.

Functional training is not just about getting stronger and bigger; it is about reducing injuries and improving performance. The training that we provide focuses on injury reduction, and at the same time on performance enhancement.

Our focus is to condition an athlete’s body to respond to the strenuous demands of athletic competition. Serious injuries in sport, once seen primarily in the more experienced athlete, are occurring at an alarming rate in the younger athlete today. Unfortunately, all incidents in sports cannot be prevented, yet with sound training these occurrences can be somewhat minimized.

At Henry Community Health Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement programs, we train younger athletes to enjoy success in their athletic endeavors.

Our goal is to provide the necessary ingredients (strength, quickness, power, agility, explosiveness, and sport specific movement) designed for the specific purpose of the athlete’s sport. There was a time when the expression “natural talent” was appropriate, but in today’s athletics, gaining an edge on your opponent is significant, if not imperative.

Whether it is winning championships or the pleasure of competition, the destination to achieve is not a sprint. Let us assist in charting the course. “The Longest Journey Begins With A Single Step.” See you on the court.

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Summer Performance Enhancement
15 small-group sessions for $150

Performance Enhancement Card
(Available Year Round during athletes off session)
15 sessions one-on-one with athletic trainer for $200
15 small-group sessions for $150
* 10% family discount available for two or more athletes