Our personalized women’s care is tailored to meet the needs of our patients at each stage in their life from adolescence through childbirth , menopause and beyond.

Imaging Breast Health Navigator-A Woman’s New “Best Friend”

.The words “your mammogram looks suspicious and we need to schedule further tests” immediately cause anxiety and fear. What next and how quickly will I know if I have cancer are the next thoughts that pass through a woman’s mind.

Tonya Wilson, RN, our Imaging Breast Health Navigator, becomes the woman’s new “best friend” as she helps schedule further tests and biopsies as quickly as possible, answers questions and provides education and counseling as to why the additional testing is needed.

“I know women don’t want to have a long wait for answers during this scary time and they also need someone to talk to,” Tonya explained. “I schedule tests as quickly as possible to decrease the time from an abnormal mammogram through diagnosis and an initial appointment with a surgeon,” she continued.

If cancer is found or suspected,  Tonya schedules appointments with a surgeon at Strong Brunck & Barrett Surgical Specialists, who then meet with the patient to discuss options including surgery and referrals to other cancer specialists for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While most patients elect to stay at HCH for further testing and surgery if needed, Tonya will help coordinate appointments and necessary reports and films for other facilities. Patients are given her phone number if they have any questions in the future although her primary responsibilities end once the patient has met with our surgeons.