HealthRidge Balance Clinic Free Screening August 21

Are you having trouble keeping your balance? Is fear of falling keeping you from activities you love?

If the answer is yes you’ll want to sign up for our Balance Clinic. Our free screening is August 21 and classes are Monday and Thursday from September 16-November 7.

You’ll learn practical strategies and simple exercises to improve balance reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels.

Free Balance Screening August 21
This free screening is to assess balance and fall risk to see if individuals qualify for the eight-week Balance Clinic. Registration is required and can be made by calling HealthRidge at 521.1216. Participants must be 25 years or older and not wheelchair bound.

Balance Clinic Classes Begin September 16
While the screenings are free, the cost of the eight-week class is $75 and no insurance is filed. Classes are held on Monday and Thursday from 1:10 to 1:50 pm. They begin September 16 and run through November 7 at HealthRidge located in the Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion.

Participants Find Clinics Beneficial  
One participant laughingly shared that by the end of the eight-week clinic, she could get down on her hands and knees to retrieve her cat from under the bed  and stand up, while holding her cat without faltering–something she hadn’t been able to do in years.

Even nine months after taking the class, another participant reported her balance had definitely improved; she feels like she has more control and isn’t afraid she is going to fall.