Knee Surgery at Henry County Hospital Gave Us Back Our Active Lifestyles

Jenny Bowman Kinser and Jennifer Mogle Kinser have two things in common: they are sisters-in-law and they both came to Henry County Hospital to have knee surgery performed by Lindsey Rolston, MD, FAAOS, of Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.

Jennifer Mogle Kinser made a trip from Carmel that helped her resume a quality of life she wasn’t ready to give up. After years of taking medication and cortisone shots for the pain in her right knee she embraced a surgery that gave her the ability to enjoy walking again.

At age 62 and an avid walker, Jennifer was looking for a way to eliminate knee pain that had developed over time as a result of arthritis and the normal aging process. The turning point in her decision to get knee surgery came when she and her mother were on a walk and she was unable to keep up due to knee pain.

An Indianapolis doctor told her she needed a complete right knee replacement, but she and her husband Doug, who are both New Castle natives, opted instead to see Dr. Rolston about his patented JOURNEY DEUCE Bi-Compartmental Knee System that was introduced world-wide in 2007 by Smith & Nephew.

Jenny Kinser Follows Her Sister-in-Law’s Lead

“I got my life back,” said 53-year-old Jenny Bowman Kinser, after her partial knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Rolston. Following the lead of her sister-in-law, Jennifer Kinser, Jenny added, “This is the best thing I ever did.”

Living with knee pain can not only keep those who are suffering from the fun things in life but it can also interfere with daily living. “As a kindergarten teacher, I spend a lot of time on the floor with my students and one of the first things I noticed following my partial knee replacement surgery was that I was able to get up and down on the floor again with no pain,” described Jenny.

A Life Changing Option

Jennifer’s surgery was a life-changing option for her. “I also attribute my success and quick recovery to a healthy and active lifestyle that I’ve practiced consistently through the years,” she added.

The JOURNEY DEUCE also turned out to be the answer to end Jenny’s pain and restored a mobility she had not experienced in years. “I actually forgot all the things I loved to do that I avoided because of knee pain,” she said. “I used to play softball in my church league and participate in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.”

After a short hospital stay Jennifer’s and Jenny’s recuperation at home included several weeks of physical therapy. Jenny was back to teaching in four weeks and Jennifer was driving in three weeks and on the treadmill in six weeks.

A Family Affair for the Kinsers

Knee replacement may be a fearsome prospect to some, but the Kinser family heartily endorses the procedure and results. Jenny and Jennifer are celebrating their one year anniversary after surgery and remain pain free. Jenny’s husband, Dennis, and his sister, Marsha Lundquist, are recipients of total knee replacements performed this year by Dr. Rolston. They are also enjoying freedom from pain and restored mobility, according to Jenny.
“Dennis and I bought new bicycles and we’re getting ready to ride,” said Jenny. “This is something we haven’t done in a long time and we are looking forward to it.”

Advice for Those Considering Knee Surgery

Knowing the possibility of facing knee surgery is frightening to many, Jennifer encourages others with similar problems to “go right ahead and do it.” Coming upon her one year surgery anniversary, she advises, “I have no regrets, have regained my mobility and am pain free.”

Jenny’s advice to others who are immobilized or subdued by knee pain is, “Go for it. We’ll be at Henry County Hospital rooting for you.”