How Is A Colonoscopy Performed?

You will be sedated before we begin the procedure so don’t worry that it will be painful. Once you are “asleep” we will insert an endoscope through your rectum into your colon. The endoscope is a long, flexible, lighted tube (also called a colonscope). In addition to allowing us to see inside the colon, the colonscope enables us to remove tissue and/or polyps for further examination and possibly treat any problems that are discovered.

After the procedure is completed you will spend time in the Hospital’s recovery room before going home. We also will meet with you and your family to discuss our findings and recommendation before you are discharged.

What happens if you find something during the colonoscopy?

If a polyp is found during colonoscopy, we can remove the polyp through the scope if it is small or biopsy it if it is too large to safely remove. If an abnormal area is seen it too can be biopsied. Photographs can be taken so the patient and their other physicians may see what the abnormal areas or polyps look like. All polyps removed or biopsies taken are sent to a pathologist for examination. The results will be shared with you and your family physician.