If a suspicious lesion or lump is found either by self-examination, a mammogram or breast ultrasound, our surgeons meet with you and discuss your options including:

Breast Biopsy

This can be either a needle aspiration or a surgical biopsy. You may also be a candidate for Stereotactic Core Needle Breast Biopsy.

Lumpectomy or Mastectomy

Our surgeons prefer to preserve as much breast tissue as possible. The final decision is made in conjunction with the patient based on the results of the Sentinel Node Biopsy, the size of the tumor and the patient’s personal desire.

If you require lymph node removal for cancer staging, you may be a candidate for Sentinel Node Biopsy and Localization to determine if any lymph nodes are affected. This is important because if lymph nodes are affected your need for further treatment (i.e. chemotherapy or radiation therapy) may change.

Radiation and Chemotherapy

IU Health Ball Cancer Center at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion can provide follow-up radiation therapy, blood therapy and chemotherapy. They also have a service to provide prostheses for mastectomy patients.

Oncology Rehab

An Oncology Rehab Program at HealthRidge is designed to help restore energy and overall fitness for people with a previous or current cancer diagnosis. A personalized and closely supervised exercise program is designed for participants. Call HealthRidge at 765.521.1216 to register or for information