We Make Special Deliveries

A new baby is one of a family’s most thrilling and precious moments. Our family of physicians and nurses are honored to help your family welcome your new baby into the world. Our door may read BirthCare Center but our mission is “Family Centered Care”.

Planning For Your Baby’s Birth – Our Stork’s Nest Program

We’ve created our Stork’s Nest Program to help you plan for your baby’s birth and answer questions you may have about what to expect during your delivery.

During your private appointment with a registered nurse, she will listen to what you want and help you customize your Birth Plan. We are very flexible in trying to meet your individual preferences and special requests. Just talk with your physician about plans for your baby’s birth and let the nurse know at your Stork’s Nest visit about your plans so we can make arrangements to meet them when possible.

The nurse will answer your questions and help complete pre-admission and other required paperwork. Completing this paperwork allows you to spend more time after delivery enjoying your new baby and visiting with family and friends.

She will also help you register for classes and you’ll meet some of the nurses who will care for you and your new family when that special time comes!

If you have questions or would like a tour before you are contacted, please call us at 765.599.3193

Make The Right Choice

We hope you choose the BirthCare Center at Henry Community Health and share the joy of your new family with our family of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.