To provide you with peace of mind about your baby’s safety at the BirthCare Center, we have a number of security procedures in place.

Immediately after delivery, we place identification bracelets with matching numbers on you, your baby, and your labor partner. Only Hospital staff may take your baby from your room. If you want to leave your room, be sure to have your nurse take your baby to the Nursery until you return.

Anytime your baby is away from you, the nursing staff will compare your ID bands to make sure they match before returning your baby to you.

At discharge, the ID bands will be compared again to make sure they’re a match.


We welcome your family, your baby’s brothers and sisters and visitors. But we do have a few requests.

  • Visitors may wait in your room or in the family lounge, but must not wait in the hall outside your room. We must keep our hallways clear to protect privacy and help our staff care for all our patients.
  • For your baby’s safety, family and visitors must wash their hands before touching or handling your new baby.
  • We also request you ask family or friends who have colds, flu or other illnesses to stay at home for the safety of your baby and other babies.