MRI Has Large Opening and Shorter Scan Time For Your Comfort

MRIs are used to provide highly detailed pictures of internal structures. The MRI scanner at Henry County Hospital offers the largest opening, and shortest bore, of any scanner currently manufactured. MRI uses strong magnetic fields and radio frequencies (RF) to create images. There is no x-ray utilized in this modality.

The magnetic field strength is measured in units called Tesla. Most Open Sided MRI units are between 0.3 to 0.7 Tesla. Our powerful, 1.5 Tesla, large-bore MRI is more comfortable for large and claustrophobic patients. The stronger magnetic field strength allows for clearer images and shorter scan times, reducing the amount of time the patient is in the MRI unit.

We can also provide conscious sedation with monitoring for claustrophobic patients. Your doctor will need to request conscious sedation when scheduling your procedure.

Due to the strong magnet that is used to obtain images, some patients who have certain implanted devices or prior injuries involving metal shards or fragments, may not be able to have a MRI. We thoroughly screen patients prior to all MRI exams to ensure your safety.

Appointments may be scheduled for 7:00 am – 10:00 pm