Intensive/Critical Care Unit

Our Intensive/Critical Care Unit (ICCU) is a specialized area within the Hospital delivering care for people who are seriously and critically ill or injured.

Spacious private rooms with windows combine sophisticated patient monitoring equipment with family-friendly conveniences such as a comfortable chair, a desk and private bathroom. Internet connections are available upon request.

Each patient is closely monitored 24-hours a day. In-room camera monitoring systems also allow nurses at the central nurses’ station to visually view patients. Patient privacy is always a priority and an individual camera can be disengaged for short periods of time when the need arises.

Even though this equipment plays a vital role, our nurses spend significant time with patients 24 hours a day. They also communicate with the patient’s physician about progress and problems, help answer questions and comfort family members.

Our goal is to provide treatment to help your loved one achieve their fullest possible recovery.