For class schedules or more information contact your BirthCare Consultant at 765.521.1116 or visit Classes and Events. Most classes are held at Henry County Hospital and have no fee if you deliver here.

Prenatal Class is for mothers-to-be and their labor partners to learn what to expect during labor and delivery, and provide tools for a calmer, more comfortable and more confident birth. You’ll see a video explaining normal labor and delivery and some delivery complications. We’ll also cover Cesarean delivery so you’ll be prepared and know what to expect if this type of birth is recommended for you. Also covered are relaxation techniques, types of pain control and routine newborn care and feeding.

Breast Feeding Class is for women who are considering or have already decided to breast feed. This class provides helpful information and answers your questions and concerns about breast feeding, and is taught by a Certified Lactation Counselor. The Women and Children’s Unit Staff encourage all mothers-to-be to attend this class as it will help you feel confident that you made the best decision about feeding for you and your baby.

Prenatal Aquatics is a low intensity aquatics class and a safe way to exercise. Classes are held in the warm water pool at HealthRidge located in Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion. There is a fee for this class. Call 765.521.1216 to reserve a spot.

Sibling Class is for children ages 3 and older. Our “Sibling Silly” Program provides a fun and entertaining presentation of information showing siblings-to-be how to handle a baby doll, practice diapering, feeding, and talking about what having a new baby is like.