Diagnostic Mammograms

If you have a lump or there are suspicious areas on your mammogram, you will be scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram. This second test doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer, but provides more detailed images to determine if cancer exists.

Further Testing May Be Needed

The types of further tests are dependent on the results of your initial screening or diagnostic mammogram. Your radiologist will discuss the recommended procedure with you and our Imaging Breast Health Navigator will schedule your next appointment.

Your further tests may include one of the following:

  • Ultrasound imaging of the breast
  • Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy or Mammotome Core Biopsy
  • Mammography Guided Mammotome Core Biopsy (stereotactic biopsy)
  • Surgical biopsy

When Testing Is Complete

Tissue samples are sent to our Laboratory where the pathologist will review the samples to see if cancer cells are present. Your radiologist or surgeon will call you as soon as the tests are available to let you know the findings and if needed, the type of further treatment you need.

If Cancer Is Found

If cancer is found, Tonya schedules appointments with Strong, Brunck & Barrett Surgical Specialists who perform breast surgery including breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy and Sentinel Node Biopsy.

The surgeons also discuss referrals to other cancer specialists for chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She provides patient support and continuity of care by decreasing the time from an abnormal mammogram through diagnosis and an initial appointment with a surgeon.

While most patients elect to stay at Henry Community Health for further testing and surgery if needed, Tonya will help coordinate appointments and necessary reports and images for other facilities. Although her primary responsibilities end once the patient has met with our surgeons, she is available for patient questions
at any time.

ICAP Women’s Clinic

Free screening mammograms are available for women 40+ or younger women with a family history of breast cancer who are uninsured or underinsured. In some cases further tests also may be paid for by the program. Your mammogram will be scheduled at Henry Community Health. The Women’s Clinic also provides free breast exams and low-cost women’s health exams. Call 765.529.4403 for more information about the Mammogram Assistance Program and to schedule a breast or women’s health exam.