The ICCU team wants you to be an important member of the team. We also know you may feel anxious and nervous, but you can help in many ways.

Ask questions. The ICCU staff will try to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

Touch the patient. It is okay to hold their hand and to let them know you are there. Please do not touch the equipment.

Take care of yourself.


The ICCU staff understands that visits help the patient and the family. However, the patient’s well being may require some limits. The patient’s condition may warrant that your visiting time be limited. Please limit the number of visitors at a time. Visitors may be asked to leave the unit during a crisis or when medical or nursing procedures are being performed.

Family Spokesperson

The ICCU team will ask each patient’s family to choose a spokesperson who may call to check on the patient’s condition at anytime. The number to call is 765.521.0890. This person is given an update on the patient’s condition to be shared with family members.

Please establish a spokesperson, as soon as possible and let the nurses know whom you have chosen. The spokesperson also is the one who should call for updates. This is all done for the benefit of the patient’s privacy. Others may be named to the patient’s contact list.

Please understand if you are not the designated spokesperson or on the contact list, the nurse will not be allowed to give you personal information about the patient. This is in accordance to HIPAA privacy requirements.

Food and Personal Items

Visitors are asked to check with the nurse before bringing in food or drinks to the patient due to a possible special diet restriction. Personal items brought in must be noted in the patient’s chart.

Intake and Output (I/O)

All fluids that patients take in and all fluids they put out will be measured while the patient is in ICCU. This is accurately measured every eight hours or at the end of each shift. Please do not empty liquids or give liquids to the patient. Please check with the patient’s nurse before bringing food or drinks into the ICCU.

Routine Nursing Care

Patients in ICCU need total rest and depend on others to do things which they normally do for themselves. It is important for patients and their families to understand that rest is important for recovery. A nurse will bathe the patient, but also encourage them to assist as their condition allows.