Needy Meds Receives $14,000 Donation From Henry County Hospital Foundation

Needy Meds is a community program sponsored by Henry Community Health to provide short-term prescription assistance to patients who usually are either uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford their medication.  These patients may be waiting to have their insurance application approved, recently unemployed with no insurance, have extremely high deductibles or a Medicare patient in the donut hole.

“We are very grateful for this $14,000 donation from the Henry County Hospital Foundation which will help fund our 2017 prescription assistance program,” said Dana Weaver, Clinical Coordinator for Henry Community Health who heads the Needy Meds program.

“In 2016 we helped 155 individuals providing nearly $18,000 in financial assistance with an average of $115 per person,” commented Weaver. “In 2016 we also received a donation from the Foundation as well as an allocation from Henry County United Fund and the Henry County Hospital Auxiliary,” she continued.

Referrals come from hospital and physician office staff, Department of Family Resources and ClaimAid, a free Henry Community Health program that helps residents enroll in Medicaid, HIP 2.0 and the Accountable Care health insurance plan, and other sources. Henry Community Health’s Care Coordination staff also assist patients to get connected to other resources such as programs through pharmaceutical companies when possible.

Needy Meds helps patients in many ways. According to Weaver they have helped provide assistance to patients who are discharged from the hospital but can’t afford medications they need to continue their recovery.

“One individual I remember in particular needed help getting prescriptions filled as they were not yet eligible to for insurance coverage through their new employer,” Weaver explained. ”Providing assistance through Needy Meds may have assisted them in avoiding missing work during their probationary period.

“Another individual we were able to assist was newly diagnosed with diabetes,” Weaver continued.  “Not only were they overwhelmed with learning to manage their chronic condition, they were also concerned with the cost of medication and supplies. Needy Meds was able to help with the initial expense.”

The Henry County Hospital Foundation funded this donation through proceeds from its 2016 Gala. Other donations made from the Gala include $14,000 donations to the ICAP Women’s Clinic and the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.