New Blood Drive April 2 at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion

Thanks to the generous support of New Castle and Henry County citizens Henry Community Health had to schedule a third blood drive. This new blood drive is Thursday, April 2 and will be held in the Versiti Mobile Unit at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion. Sign up at

“Our regular drive was already scheduled for April 10,” said blood drive coordinator Ricci Atchison, Public Relations/Marketing Director at Henry Community Health. “Versiti was able to add a second drive for March 31, but both filled up and people still were calling wanting to give blood so Versiti has scheduled another date for April 2.”

Along with people eager to donate, another reason blood drive appointments fill so quickly is the crews conducting the blood drives are aiding donors to be social distant while waiting and while giving. They also are taking extra precautions with sanitizing the mobile unit between donors.

Donated blood only has a shelf life of 42 days and stocks have to be refilled constantly. More drives are need as many schools, universities and plants have closed and had to cancel their drives.

Giving blood is one of the most important things you can do as a severe blood shortage is in Indiana and across the US.