Main Campus Lobby Check-In and Registration

All patients arriving at the Main Campus should check-in at the Lobby Information Desk. You will then be directed to where you need to go for your registration and further care.

Please bring your insurance cards with you on every visit as the registrar will need to see your most current insurance card. They also will obtain necessary personal and medical information and provide you with a wristband to wear during your visit. This wristband is part of our patient safety program to ensure you are the correct person being treated and to track lab and imaging test results.

A  Consent to Treatment form must be signed by you or a responsible party at the time of your registration. This form authorizes us to submit your bill and any required records to your insurance company, and it indicates your acceptance of financial responsibility for charges not covered by your insurance. Forms for minors must be signed by a parent or guardian. You also may be asked to sign additional consent forms as need arises.