Medication Safety

The Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time

We have many medication safety measures in place to help make sure the right patient, receives the right medicine in the right dose, in the right form and at the right time. Some examples include:

Medicines You Are Taking

It’s very important for you to keep an accurate, up to date record of:

  • Drugs you are allergic to
  • Medicines you are taking
    • Prescription medicines
    • Over the counter medicines
    • Vitamins and other supplements

This information is critical in helping us care for you. To make this easier, we suggest you fill out and keep up to date a Personal Health Record to keep track of prescriptions and other important medical information.

Medication History

Every time you visit the Hospital or your physician’s office it is very important for you to provide a complete list of all of your current prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements such as vitamins you take. Know why, how often and the dosage you take. You also may bring your medicines and supplements with you.  And, you will be asked about medication allergies. All this information will be entered and checked into your electronic health record for physicians and hospital staff. The information also will be available to you in your MyHealtheLife patient portal.

Bar Coding on Patient Wrist Bands

On admission each patient’s wristband is given a barcode that is then scanned anytime medicines are given to ensure that the right medicine is being given to the right patient.