Our Cardiac Rehab Phase II program is offered at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion. Your insurance company will most likely pay for some or all of the cost of your Phase II program.

Ask your physician for a referral to our program. For more information call 599.3719.

Patients attend exercise sessions three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for one hour. You’ll also meet others like yourself who can help you stay on track to maintain a healthier heart. After you’ve completed the program, you may feel better than ever and want to make these lifestyle changes a part of your everyday life!

Your progress is reported weekly to your physician. Any changes in your health status are reported as needed to your physician to enhance your medical care.

Our Program includes monitored exercise using individualized exercise prescription and educational programs. Our staff includes RNs, exercise specialists, and registered dieticians along with a supervising physician.

While it is unusual for patients to have cardiac problems during their exercised program, emergency equipment and staff trained in basic and advanced life support are nearby at all times.

During your rehabilitation program with us you will:

  • Exercise using a treadmill and/or bike
  • Be monitored by a nurse or another health care professional for a change in symptoms
  • Start slowly following a safe exercise program that gradually helps you to become stronger
  • Gradually move into a more intensive program that lets you work longer and harder, building endurance
  • Possibly begin strength training if your doctor says you can
  • Have your heart rate, blood pressure and EKG monitored and reported to your physician
  • Have the opportunity to meet with a respiratory therapist for additional education

We will also encourage you to participate in other programs that can help your health such as Stress Management. Diabetes Education and Freedom From Smoking classes.

On completion of Phase II, you will be given a home exercise program. HealthRidge at Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion offers a program of independent exercise maintenance which includes treadmills, bicycles and Stairmasters. HealthRidge is open from 5:30 am – 8:00 pm for your convenience.

Six Myths About Cardiac Rehab

Reality: Exercise programs and lifestyle changes save lives.
Myth 1. I’m not in good enough shape
Myth 2. Exercise is dangerous
Myth 3. Rehab is only for heart attack survivors
Myth 4. Cardiac Rehab is just exercise
Myth 5. Cardiac Rehab is a “guy thing” usually for the young
Myth 6. After Cardiac Rehab I’m done