Joyce Drake

Joyce Drake has been a water exercise instructor at HealthRidge since 2003. She currently teaches Aqua Toning, Water Walking, and Aqua Extreme, and has also taught Water Aerobics and Water Yoga. She began working at HealthRidge as an instructor and as a PRN (on-call) receptionist; however, she quickly moved into part-time receptionist, and has been faithfully and punctually opening the gym daily at 5:30 a.m., ever since. Joyce is quick to express her enjoyment for the early morning time slot, which has notoriously been the least desired shift, because she has been an early riser since she was a child, growing up on a farm and milking the cows.

Joyce is from Bowling Green, Indiana, and has lived in Alaska (while her dad was in the Air Force), and in Florida, but has spent most of her life residing in Hagerstown, Indiana, with her husband Tom, who has been a teacher and coach at Hagerstown High School since 1977.

When she is not working, she enjoys knitting, crocheting, and painting (on glass Christmas ornaments, saws, and other assorted items). Joyce has painted large murals for many after-prom sets, and has painted her granddaughter’s nursery in a jungle theme that rivals Disney’s best Jungle Book animation art.

Terri Hayes

Terri Hayes is the face you see at the front desk Monday-Friday from 8-4. She has been employed with HealthRidge since 2001. Terri also instructs a Water Walking class in the pool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Terri started as a part-time receptionist and quickly worked her way into full-time. Her computer skills, attention to detail, and the retention and retrieval of a human post-it-note, recently landed her a new position as Head Receptionist at HealthRidge.

When asked about working at HealthRidge, Terri is quick to explain that it has given her the opportunity to meet many great people through the years that she, now, is proud to call her friends. She also notes that she loves the staff at HealthRidge, and that “they make everyday a good day.” Terri considers being a part of what HealthRidge does (and seeing, first hand, how the participants and patients’ lives can be enriched by what is offered), as truly wonderful.

Though Terri holds an Associate’s degree in Computer Technology, she expresses that her desire to be around people, ultimately, outshined her technological, creative bent; so she remains at home at HealthRidge, where she utilizes all of her talents and interests (often, miraculously, all at the same time), and maintains she has never regretted the change.

Cindy Neal

Cindy Neal’s first experience at HealthRidge, was as a patient. The Director soon began to see through Cindy’s extremely shy demeanor, and knew she would be a perfect fit as a HealthRidge receptionist, so she was hired shortly thereafter. Prior to HealthRidge, Cindy had worked in a dietary setting for 33 years. She felt the transition into using computers and learning office skills pushed her out of her comfort zone; but ultimately, it spurred her confidence and competence forward, and she has now served as a part-time, evening and weekend, receptionist for five years. Cindy credits the enjoyment of her job to getting to know all the people that come to work out, and to her “great co-workers that make the job a lot easier.”

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys reading and attends The Sanctuary of New Castle, where she is a leader over the ladies group, and also serves as a helper in the Junior Sunday School class.

As for her initial, extreme shyness…one must wonder if it simply disappeared overnight, or if it was merely a cover up to sneak into the hearts of those whose laugh muscles needed to be primed first. Cindy, shy? …hardly.

Sheila Wooten

Sheila Wooten is a lifelong resident of New Castle. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Ball State University and taught English and Business Education at Randolph Southern High School for two years. She also worked at Parkview Junior High as an aide in the English and Social Studies departments, and as secretary of First Baptist Church. Sheila later returned to full time work at the Division of Family and children’s Services, and retired from there as a Child Welfare Case Manager after twenty-five years of service.

Sheila loves spending time with her family and expecially her seven grandsons. She also enjoys Bible study, working out in the gym and in the pool, walking, and reading.

When asked what Sheila enjoys about working at HealthRidge, She states, “I am excited to be even a small part of the HealthRidge and HCH family. It is an honor to work alongside such knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and caring people.”