School, Sports and Camp Physicals

If your child will participate in any sport activity, you may start calling for school physicals as early as February or March or when you get your enrollment information and school physical forms.

Sports physicals including cheerleading must be scheduled after April 1st of each year. This is a requirement set by Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).

It is important to call our office early (May) so that we can make sure your child”s physical can be completed prior to the start of school or sporting event. DO NOT wait until July or August. You may find it difficult to schedule the physical because of the high demand we have that time of the year.

Physical Forms Completion

Please bring all of the appropriate forms filled out with the requested patient information with you to the appointment. You must have the patient history sections completed prior to your appointment.  Your provider  will review this information prior to the child”s examination.

If your child has already had a physical exam and you are dropping off a form, allow 72 hour (3 business days) to be completed. You must fill out the patient history sections prior to dropping off the form or the form will not be signed by the physician or nurse practitioner.