Marketing & Public Relations Contacts

Luci Welch
Public Relations Director
1000 N. 16th St., New Castle, IN 47362

Logos & Branding Standards

The following guidelines are to assist you in maintaining consistent and proper usage of our logo(s) to unify our brand identity. Usage of the HCH brand – logo and typography – must be approved by the PR/Marketing office. The strength of Henry Community Health’s identity system relies on you.

  • The logo should always be presented in its full color version or all white on a dark background.
  • The logo should always be surrounded by adequate clear space.
  • Do not distort the logo by stretching or squeezing to fit your space requirement. Reduce or enlarge proportionately to fit.
  • All HCH system approved logos are available here. Do not create new logos.
  • Do not alter the mark in any way
  • Do not change the typeface/font.
  • Color palette is as follows:
    • Blue – PMS 541 / CMYK C:100, M:78, Y:29, K:19 / Hexadecimal: 003E76
    • Green – PMS 5777 / CMYK C:37, M:24, Y:65, K:1 / Hexadecimal: A7A976

If you have a legitimate need for using the HCH brand other than an approved form, please contact PR/Marketing for approval.

Fonts: The majority of HCH marketing materials utilize components of the Frutiger font family. Hind is a free alternative font from Google that is similar to Frutiger.

Henry Community Health Logo – all formats

JPG (cmyk – for print)

PNG (rgb – for web use)

EPS (spot color – for print)

Sponsorship Request

If you would like to make a request for Henry Community Health to be a sponsor of an upcoming activity please fill out this Sponsorship Request Form and send it to us along with any other information that will help us when deciding on your request. We look forward to hearing from you.