New Hospital Restrictions –No Visitors Allowed

Please understand this is for your safety, the safety of our patients and staff and the safety of our entire community in an attempt to lessen the spread of COVID-19. No visitors are allowed for hospital patients except at the time of a patient’s discharge. The only other exception is in our Women & Children’s Unit where a patient may have only one visitor—not one at a time. Visitors are no longer allowed to be… Read More

New Visitor Restrictions At All Physician Offices and Outpatient Labs

Please understand these changes for everyone’s safety in an attempt to lessen the spread of COVID-19. No one is to accompany a patient with an appointment in any of our physician offices at the Hospital, Forest Ridge Medical Pavilion, Northfield Park Primary Care Center, HealthLink Employer Clinic or Cambridge City Family Health Partners, Physical Medicine of East Central Indiana or Draper Clinic. One adult may accompany a minor to an appointment. . No one is… Read More