Explore Our Specialties

At Henry Community Health, you have access to a wide range of services and specialties. Our state-of-the-art facilities and high standard of excellence ensure that your health is fully supported—from routine checkups to complex medical needs.

Allergy / Immunology / Asthma

Find specialized diagnostics and care for allergies, eczema and infectious or immune disorders.

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Behavioral Health

From medication to therapies, get supportive, personalized treatment for adults and children.

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Cancer Care

From routine screenings to post-treatment rehab, we offer advanced and compassionate care.

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Our team handles the most complex cardiac cases with a statewide network of specialists.

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Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Learn about the customized cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program at Henry Community Health, including applicable conditions and treatments available.

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Emergency Services

Henry Community Health partners with Emergency Services associate to provide emergency services.

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Family Medicine

Henry Community Health partners with Family Medicine associate to provide Family Medicine services

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Functional Medicine

Learn about the functional medicine services available at Henry Community Health and how this holistic approach can help with your health goals.

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HealthRidge Wellness Center

HealthRidge Wellness Center

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Henry Community Health partners with Hematology associate to provide hematology services

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Home Care & Hospice

Our compassionate in-home care provides needed assistance, support and comfort.

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Advanced technologies and the latest equipment make our imaging services state-of-the-art.

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Immediate Care

Henry Community Health partners with Immediate Care associates.

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Infectious Disease

Henry Community Health partners with Infectious Disease associate to help.

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Internal Medicine

Henry Community Health partners with internal medicine associate to provide internal medicine services

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Lab Services

Henry Community Health on-site labs provide quick, easy access to advanced diagnostics.

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Henry Community Health partners with OB/GYN associate to provide OB/GYN services

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Henry Community Health partners with Oncology associates.

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Our orthopedic specialists are nationally recognized for expertise and efficiency in joint care.

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Henry Community Health partners with Pathology Services associates.

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Access the highest quality care for your child from our friendly, caring pediatricians.

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Take care of all of our healthcare needs close to home with the help of a neighborhood pharmacy near Henry Community Health.

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Henry Community Health partners with Physiatry associates.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Henry Community Health partners with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation associates.

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Primary Care

Develop an ongoing relationship with a doctor who cares for your health holistically.

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Our pulmonary medicine practice delivers advanced lung care and diagnostics.

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Radiation Oncology

Henry Community Health partners with Radiation Oncology associates.

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Henry Community Health partners with Radiology associates.

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Rehabilitation Services

We offer advanced in-home and outpatient post-treatment rehabilitation services.

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Spine & Pain Management

Spine and Pain Page

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Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement

The sports medicine doctors, trainers and surgeons at Henry Community Health serve students, athletes and people of all ages with mobility, performance and post-injury care.

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Surgery Services

Our surgical facilities are state-of-the-art, and our compassionate care speeds your recovery.

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We’re committed to giving you customized treatment for a wide range of urological issues.

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Women’s Health

Our experienced team supports women’s health with excellence and compassion.

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Wound Care

Henry Community Health partners with Wound Care associates.

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Meet Our Care Team

From world-renowned physicians to the volunteers that greet you at the door, our staff is friendly, focused and dedicated to your well-being. We work to make each of our locations warm and welcoming, with a positive, upbeat atmosphere that puts you at ease and speeds your recovery.

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Get the latest health news and find out about upcoming events and classes.

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