Flu Shot Clinics Announced

Looking to get your annual flu shot? Call your provider's office to make an appointment or get your flu shot at an already scheduled appointment. The following offices are offering Flu Shot Clinics during these times for your convenience: Oct. 10 from 9 am-4 pm at Cambridge City Family Health Partners Oct. 11 from 5:15-7 pm at Pediatrics at New Castle Family & Internal Medicine at Northfield Park Oct. 17 from 9 am-4 pm at… Read More
Get Your Family Vaccinated

What You Should Know for the 2018-19 Flu Season

Getting a flu vaccine every year is the best way to protect yourself and your family from flu and its potentially serious complications. CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated by the end of October. What is new this flu season? Flu vaccines have been updated to better match circulating flu viruses Any licensed, age-appropriate flu vaccines are recommended The nasal spray flu vaccine (LAIV) is again a vaccine option. Ask your… Read More
Henry Community Health
Henry Community Health10/18/2018 at 1:50am
The flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent illness caused by seasonal influenza viruses.

It's that time again! So, it is best to get vaccinated early to ensure you are protected throughout the entire season!
Henry Community Health
Henry Community Health10/17/2018 at 1:13am
Breast self-exam, or regularly examining your breasts on your own

Lumps are important to look for and can be the first symptom of breast cancer for many women. But there are other signs and symptoms you should look out for!

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