Our team of sports medicine doctors, trainers, therapists and surgeons delivers comprehensive care for student athletes and active people of all ages. Whether you think of yourself as an athlete or just want to improve your mobility in daily life, the team at Henry Community Health can help.

Our Approach

We believe that restoring and improving your strength, mobility and endurance are key to good health—for people of all ages and activity levels. We coordinate care across several disciplines so you can work, play and live well.

Services We Offer

From student sports to post-injury care, our sports medicine doctors and specialists deliver comprehensive care to get you back on your feet and back to your best level of performance.

  • Athletic training
  • Concussion care
  • Custom braces
  • Custom splints
  • Functional training
  • High school game coverage
  • Imaging
  • Injury care
  • Injury checks for students
  • Orthopedics
  • Performance enhancement
  • Physical therapy
  • Team physicians
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports education
  • Sports physicals
  • Summer training programs

Location Info

Performance Enhancement
2200 Forest Ridge Pkwy Suite 110, New Castle, IN 47362