Patient Registration Information

Our Patient Registration staff is required to verify your information upon each registration. We recognize this can be annoying and redundant but we must be certain your information is accurate upon each visit to our facility. We are required to review your most current insurance card(s) on each visit to our hospital. This is to ensure accuracy when your insurance company processes your claim and to minimize the possible issues associated with your insurance plan paying promptly and properly.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at Henry Community Health, registration begins at the lobby information desk. A greeter will direct you to the office where you will register.

During the registration process, we will take copies of your insurance cards and ask you to fill out a Consent to Treatment, which gives us permission to bill your insurance, as well as any other forms your doctor or the hospital need to complete your care.

We will also ask you for relevant medical and personal health information for our records and give you a wristband to wear during your visit. The band is for your security to make certain you receive the appropriate treatment, medications and lab work.

What to Bring

At the hospital, your basic needs will be taken care of, but you may wish to bring a few personal items if your care includes an overnight stay, or to make you more comfortable during your post-procedure recovery.

Regardless of the type or length of your treatment, please always bring the latest versions of your insurance and identification cards.

  • All insurance cards
  • Photo ID

Prior Authorization

Many insurance plans require notification of the health services your physician has ordered prior to you receiving them to make sure they are necessary and appropriate according to their guidelines. When this process is required by your plan but not performed, your service can be denied by your plan or the payment benefit reduced. The patient is responsible for payment for services that are denied due to incomplete prior authorization.


If you are to receive outpatient services that require prior authorization from your insurance plan you will need to inform your physician’s office of this requirement. Your physician’s office will need to complete this process prior to you receiving the services.

Inpatient Scheduled

If you are to receive a scheduled inpatient procedure or are an obstetrical patient you will need to inform your physician’s office if your insurance plan requires prior authorization. Your physician’s office will need to complete this process prior to you receiving the services.

Inpatient Unscheduled

When you have an unexpected inpatient hospital admission our Quality Review Department will contact your insurance company to complete the prior authorization process for you.