You may call our Endoscopy Scheduling Center at 599.3294 to schedule your appointment.

The board certified surgeons in our office perform colonoscopies at Henry Community Health. Generally there is no need for a referral for a screening colonoscopy but some insurance providers will require one from your primary care provider, so check with your specific insurance provider.

When Will I Meet The Doctor Before My Colonoscopy?

When you or your family physician call our office for an appointment, we will want to know if you have any of these health conditions. You may have an appointment with us in our office before your procedure if you have any of these health conditions:

  • Patients under the age of 18
  • History of Lung Disease, on Home Oxygen
  • History of Heart or Kidney Disease
  • History of Liver Disease
  • Taking ANY Blood Thinner
  • Previous Colon Surgery

If you do not have any of these health conditions, your surgeon will meet with you prior to your colonoscopy in the Same Day Surgery Center at Henry Community Health. You also will meet with your anesthetist at this time who will discuss the sedation we will use for your comfort so you will not feel any pain during the colonoscopy procedure.