Along with our main Lobby area, we have convenient waiting rooms throughout the facility for family and friends.

Intensive Critical Care Unit (ICCU)

We request you please check in at the Nurses’ Station before entering patient rooms as the patient may be with their physician, undergoing testing or just getting some much needed rest.  Pillows and blankets are available upon request to families who plan to stay overnight in the waiting room.


Because of the number of surgeries taking place each day and our desire to accomodate visitors of each patient, we ask you to:

  • Wait in the designated Surgery Waiting area on the first floor of the Hospital during the surgery
  • Notify the volunteer at the Surgery Waiting Desk upon arrival and again if stepping away from the area during the surgery.
  • An electronic board in the waiting room will track the patient’s progress through surgery allowing families to know what phase of the surgery process their family member is in (i.e. surgery has started, now in recovery etc.)

Upon completion of the surgery, the surgeon will speak with a family member in one of our Consultation Rooms near Surgery Waiting.  Our volunteer will assist you.

In-patients only:

After speaking with the surgeon family members may return to the patient room alerting the clerk at the appropriate nursing station.  Please limit the number of visitors in the patient room before surgery.

Women & Children’s Unit (WCU)

Our Family Lounge has toys and child-friendly seating and is a good place for families and children to wait.

Emergency Department

Seating is available next to the main lobby for those waiting to be seen in the Emergency Department or waiting on family and friends.  A small private consultation room is available just outside the Emergency Department for families to meet with physicians.

Progressive Care Unit (PCU)

A waiting room is available for family and friends.  Your nurse can give you directions on where it is located.

Imaging/Outpatient Lab

Our Imaging Department has a main waiting area just off the Lobby which serves both Imaging and Lab patients.  If your Imaging test requires you to wear a gown, you will be able to wait in one of two private rooms.