We Want You To Take An Active Role In Your Safety

According to our policies, your caregivers will ask you for your name and birthdate every time they care for you. We do this to make sure you have a safe outcome while you are in the hospital. Please talk to your doctor or nurse if you have any questions.

Hospital Identification Badges

All employees who come into contact with you should be wearing a photo identification badge with their name and job title. Feel free to ask to see the badge if it is not visible.

Patient Identification Wristbands

Please wear your wristband at all times and check to see that your name is spelled correctly. Hospital employees should always call you by your correct name.


Tell your physician and healthcare staff about food, latex, medication or other allergies you may have.


Tell the staff about any medications you are taking, including prescriptions, vitamin supplements, herbals and over-the-counter medications.  Staff also will want to know how often you take the medications and the strength.