This program is available by referral for Cardiac Rehab Phase II graduates only. With Cardiac Rehab Phase III at HealthRidge, you have the freedom of coming in to our facility and working out in our Cardio Theater.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III program is just $50 for 15 visits and allows entry into our Cardio Theater only.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III is not covered by most insurance. A physician’s prescription or an authorized signature from Cardiac Rehab Phase II is needed in order to participate, and you must be Cardiac Rehab Phase II graduate to qualify for this special pricing. Your physician may give you the prescription or fax it to us at 765.599.3127.

Cardiac Rehab Phase III participants will receive a medical assessment and instructions with an Exercise Specialist on operating appropriate Cardio Theater equipment during their initial visit. Cardiac Rehab patients also have the option to participate in our Prescription Wellness program.

Questions: 765.521.1216