Meet Steve Hamilton, RN – Our Diabetes Educator 

Steve Hamilton, RN, brings a special expertise to his role as diabetes educator.  He has diabetes. “Being diabetic can be challenging as diabetes has many components to manage and this can be difficult as I well know,” Steve emphasizes

“A person who has diabetes must have knowledge about nutrition, medication, physical exercise, and glucose monitoring. Not to mention diabetics must make a huge psycho social adjustment, which is no easy task,” Steve continues.

A former ICCU critical care nurse before becoming a diabetes educator, Steve reminds people they are never too old to learn particularly as new developments and ways of caring for diabetes continue to improve.

“I welcome any person that may need any help in learning or reviewing this process and I hope that I can help make a change. Saying all this, and with this in mind, I am able to better manage my disease too, Steve stresses.

Steve is looking to better educate our community about diabetes through more public education at health fairs, community events and screening programs. He also wants to explore local options for exercise training because of the importance of physical activity and new class options to better accommodate schedules for people who work.