Encourage Early Detection and Screening
For Your Employees
Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancers

Henry Community Health and the Henry County Health Department invite your business to participate in the Employer Gold Standard program through the Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC). The Employee Gold Standard program is a FREE recognition program for employers who establish the workplace as a primary setting to focus on wellness and appropriate screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers for their employees.

Employers are uniquely positioned to improve screening rates by providing education, increasing awareness, and providing opportunity for early detection cancer screenings. How will participation in this program benefit your business and your employees?

  • Your employees will appreciate your concern for their health.
  • Healthier employees lead to a healthy bottom line.
  • Early screening and detection can save money for you and your employee For example: treating stage 4 colon cancer is three times more expensive than treating it at stage 1.
  • Specific cancer screening tests, including colorectal, cervical, and breast, have been found to be very cost effective and can reduce lost productivity, disability, and employee turnover.

According to the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Indiana ranks 43rd nationally in mammography screening for breast cancer, 47th in Pap tests for cervical cancer screening, and 41st for colorectal screening according to United States Preventive Task Force recommendations.

What is the process to become an ICC Employee Gold Standard member?

  • Say yes!
  • Allow staff from the Henry County Health Department to assist you in completing the application and creating a cancer control and prevention action planHe
    • Ongoing support through follow-up visits and calls included.
  • Receive monthly educational support from Henry Community Health
    • Ongoing assistance with education and linking your employees to community wellness opportunities is included.

We want to thank you for making the health of your employees a priority.

Schedule your free consult today by contacting:

Angela Cox, MS, RN at acox@henryco.net

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