Pool exercise is beneficial because the buoyancy and heat help reduce the stress on joints during exercise. It is a good way to exercise if you cannot tolerate land-based exercise or have chronic muscle and joint pain, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Our 30×50 foot warm water pool helps make exercise easier and is a great way to increase your flexibility, tone muscles, and make you feel better. Our pool is kept at an average temperature of approximately 90 degrees for your comfort. We also have separate dressing rooms for men and women, and a handicapped pool chair lift.

We have classes throughout the day and early evening including 6 am classes for “early birds.” We even have a Water Adaptation class which is a one-hour personal session to help alleviate your fear of water so you can enjoy the benefits of exercising in water.
No prescription is necessary; however, you must fill out our ParQ form to assess readiness. We will send this form to your physician, as we need physician approval for you to participate.


$50 for 15 sessions (any combination of Aerobic and Aquatics classes – excluding Special Programs)
$25 for Four sessions (Aqua Extreme Master Class)
$25 for one session (Water Adaptations one-hour session to help relieve your fear of water)
Our combination Aerobics/Aquatics card lets you choose any combination of 15 classes. The cards are only punched when you take the class, and they never expire.


Water Aerobics

Water Aerobic classes consist of low impact aerobics in the water and ends with toning and stretching the last 25 minutes. The buoyancy of the water eliminates stress on the body. (Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6-7 am, 7-8 am, 8-9 am and Tuesday & Thursdays 6-7 pm)

Gentle Flow

Reduce stress and relax with gentle aquatic movements in a therapeutic enviroment. If you lead a hectic life, need physical restoration, or simply need mind and muscle relaxation, this zero weight-bearing class is for you. Gentle Flow incorporates light methodical resistance, large range of motion movements, aqua Tai Chi poses, and stress reduction methods. (Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm)

Water Walking

Water Walking consists of walking forward, backward, and lateral movements, while using the resistance of the water to tone. You will gain flexibility and improve your gait. This class is ideal for beginners, or those graduating from aquatic rehab. (Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10-11 am & 3:30-4:30 pm, and Tuesday & Thursday 9-10 am)

Aqua Toning

Aqua toning utilizes hydro bells for upper body resistance in the water. It also consists of lower bodywork as well as light cardio. (Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-10 am)

Prenatal/Postnatal Aquatics

Benefit from a low intensity water walking class designed specifically for mothers-to-be and recent moms (with in 6 months postnatal).  It’s a safe way for expectant mothers to exercise as well as a gradual return to exercise for new mothers.  This class is held in a 90 degree warm water therapeutic pool offering relaxation and gentle exercise in a supportive and interactive environment.  Cost is $50 for 6 weeks / 12 sessions.  This *Special Program requires Pre-registration and physician approval. (Not offered at this time)


SilverSplash is a fun, low intensity, one-hour shallow-water exercise class using a splash-board to increase strength and endurance.  SilverSplash is designed for SilverSneaker participants only, and suitable for all skill levels, including non-swimmers. (Tuesday & Thursday 10-11 am & 1:30-2:30pm)

Aqua Jogging

Aqua Jogging is a 45-minute, medium-high intensity shallow water jogging class incorporation light jogging, speed jogging, tempo training, and hydrodynamic-drag.  Aqua Jogging gives great cardiovascular benefits, as well as high calorie burn (while protection joints with reduced impact). It can also be used to simulate or train for land-based running without the harsh consequences of gravity. (Not offered at this time, look for it at a later date)

Aqua Extreme (Master Class)

This Aqua Extreme Master Class is not for wimps! This is a high intensity 2-hour class offered for both men and women who want a unique cardio and resistance challenge.  This master class is $25 per four sessions (one session per week). (Master Class requires Pre-registration), (class starts 10/2/19 – 10/23/19 on Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 pm)

Aquatic Dancercise

Aquatic dancercise uses Latin dance rhythms and moves that will energize and exercise your entire body while enjoying the resistance of the warm water therapy pool. Both men and women are welcome, and no swimming is required. This is a beginner-advanced class. (Not offered at this time, look for this class to return.)

Water Adaptation

Alleviate your fear of water. This scheduled one-hour personal session is designed to help with the initial adaptation of exercising in the water. This session is great for those with feelings of uncertainty regarding participation of aquatic classes. Cost is $25 per one-hour session.