Joanne Caldwell

Joanne Caldwell has helped in the pool part-time with classes at HealthRidge since 2011. Before coming to HealthRidge, she helped children with learning disabilities for six years and works at Book Nook by assisting people in finding reading materials they would enjoy. She feels the greatest aspect of working at HealthRidge is the friendships.

Besides offering her time at HealthRidge, Joanne finds enjoyment in reading and crafts.

Sharon Cowley

Sharon Cowley has been a volunteer for the pool at HealthRidge since 2005. Her main priority is to watch all pool participants and maintain their safety. In the past she was a supervisor, store manager in food services and convenient stores, state hospital worker, and worked at the women’s prison. for her, the most enjoyable aspect of volunteering at Healthridge is “meeting all the wonderful, interesting, knowledgeable people…, both staff and patients. “She is an advocate for exercising and using the pool as a way to exercise.

When not spending time in the pool, Sharon finds enjoyment in crocheting, playing cards, taking care of her grand-kids, and building puzzles.

Barbara Cox

Barbara Cox has lived in New Castle, IN all of her life.  She says she married the love of her life, David, and together they have two children and four grandchildren.  She is very active in her church at First Baptist in New Castle.  

Prior to teaching Water Aerobics at HealthRidge, Barbara was a water instructor at the YMCA.  She has also worked at Chrysler for three years, owned a laundromat for nine years, and did craft shows for many years.

Barb was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000.  Her doctor said water exercise was the best thing she could do for it, so after beginning classes at HealthRidge, it wasn’t long until she became an aquatic instructor and she has taught classes every week since then.  Her advice to those considering aquatic classes: “The water is warm.  It helps you be able to move better.  It’s a good way to stay healthy and in shape.  You also make a lot of friends and have lots of fun.”

Beth Criswell

Beth Criswell began attending the 4:30 p.m. Water Aerobics class in 2000 with a friend, but she soon discovered she needed an early morning class, so that she would get it in before the day got too busy.   She switched to the 6:00 a.m.Water Aerobics class, even though she did not consider herself a “morning person.”

Beth began teaching the 6:00 a.m. class in 2004.  Two ladies in morning class had been coming faithfully since 1999, so the three of them have been together for almost 17 years!  “They have both said the exercise is great for their bodies and are afraid to quit coming because of the benefits they have seen over the years.  They were working when they started the early morning class, but have continued with this class – even after retirement…” (Criswell, 2017)

Her class loves their time together as they exercise, share about their families, learn about things going on in the community, and even share recipes. “There have been many interesting people in the class over the years,” Beth states, “and I have enjoyed spending time and getting to know them and encourage them with their health: body, mind and soul.”

Beth works full time at Citizen’s State Bank and has been employed there for 40 years.  She has two children and five grandchildren that live out-of-state (two in Ohio, and three in Michigan), so much of any spare time she has, is spent with them.  Beth also enjoys reading and listening to books, playing games on her iPad, watching Hallmark movies, and teaching a 3rd/4th grade Sunday School class at her church.

Beverly Cronk

Bev Cronk was born in Terre Haute, Indiana and graduated with a BS in Physical Education from Indiana University.  She first began teaching Physical Education at Nova High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for 8 year, where she was also was Head Gymnastics Coach (grade 7-12) and Assistant Swim Coach.  She then proceeded to teach  Physical Education at Ft. Wayne Snider High School for three years, where she was also the Head Gymnastics Coach.

Bev went on to receive her Master’s degree in Physical Education from Indiana State University.  Her last teaching position, prior to retirement in 2002, was at New Castle (Chrysler) High School, where she taught for twenty-two years and was Head Gymnastics Coach for six years and Assistant Swim Coach for 3 years.

Bev is married to Mark Cronk, also a former teacher at New Castle High School, and they have one daughter, Ashley, who is presently Vice President of Marketing for Catapult in Rogers, Arkansas.  Bev began teaching Aquatic classes at HealthRidge in 2007.  Many HealthRidge participants have reaped the benefits of her excellent instruction (with her “once a teacher, always a teacher” spirit) and her infectious energy and positive demeanor over the years.

 Judy Day

Judy Day has taught Water Aerobics for over 20 years.  She currently teaches Monday mornings (8:00 a.m.) and Tuesday/Thursday evenings (6:00 p.m.). Her classes are considered high-impact, but she stresses that anyone can modify their workout according to what they are able to do and can take it at their own pace.  

Judy is known for her positivity and high energy.  Her vibrant personality shines through as she expresses “I love my people!  The pool is a wonderful place to come and exercise, meet people, and feel great!  Fantastic classes!!”

Steve Dicken

Steve Dicken, a retired high school English teacher, started attending HealthRidge in 2009 through the Prescription Wellness Program, when he was motivated by the impending birth of his first grandchild. He was determined to get into shape so he could play with the child, getting down on the floor, and then back up, without assistance.  He spent so much time at HealthRidge (sometimes “visiting” more than exercising), he was soon asked if he would become a volunteer, to provide orientations to hospital employees participating in the Employee Wellness Program. Steve says he enjoys volunteering because, not only does he meet new people, but also he reunites with former students and community members he has known for years.

Away from HealthRidge, Steve is kept busy by three adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. When he has time, he reads, writes, draws, plays the guitar, researches family history, practices ventriloquism, and completes (or so he says) the “Honey Do” lists compiled by his still-working wife, Chris.  Steve’s varied and intriguing interests, combined with his nostalgia for the good old days, are manifested in his unhurried and charming (yet, grammatically correct) blog, which can be found at

Joyce Drake

Joyce Drake was first a PRN receptionist and an instructor in the pool for HealthRidge back in 2004, and since, become an instructor for water walking, aqua toning, water aerobics, water yoga, and aqua extreme. She has been a typist for CBS (Columbia Records), a typist for Braille Bible Foundation, and a mother. The best reason why she likes the work at HealthRidge: “I like listening to the [patients’] stories and recipes. I love my co-workers.”

Besides spending her time at HealthRidge, Joyce enjoys loving on her grandkids, painting on Christmas ornaments, knitting, and crocheting.

Terri Hayes

Terri Hayes is the receptionist and instructor for water walking at HealthRidge since 2001. She holds an Associate’s degree in Computer Science, and in the past has worked as an office manager/account specialist at Hayes Companies. The reason why she enjoys working at HealthRidge is because of “the wonderful people she meets everyday.”

When not spending her time behind the front desk or in the pool, Terri enjoys boating trips with her family, reading, spending time with her grand-kids, and shopping.

Sandi Mitchell

I came to HealthRidge as a water therapy patient after winning a battle with cancer.  I was impressed with HealthRidge and what they do for their patients, so I asked Laurie if she had any voleenteer openings.

I’ve been voleenteering as a relief recetionist for two years during the lunch hour on Tuesdays. I love voleenteering because I meet so many nice and interesting folks.  I’ve also reconnected with long time friends that I haven’t seen in years.

All the employees at HealthRidge are truly concerned for their patients, and it shows.  I’m very thankful to be part of the team.

Karen Pavy

Karen Pavy is the water circuit instructor for HealthRidge and has been so since 2009. She also participates in the water aerobics and wellness exercise program. She has a Master of Science degree and specializes in education, special education, and learning disabilities. Previously she was a teacher for New Castle Community Schools and retired after thirty-two years. She was also a mental disabilities and Autism consultant. She says that water therapy has been a God-send for her overall well-being and would be in the pool even if she had not become an instructor. At HealthRidge, she say, “people are friendly and caring and easy to get to know.”

Pool-time is not the only thing that Karen enjoys. She spends her free time reading, knitting, and teaches Sunday school for the four-seven year-olds at her church.

Kay Rogers

Kay Rogers has been working with HealthRidge since 2005 as a substitute water aerobics instructor. She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Arts degrees in elementary education, and Red Cross lifesaving and swimming instructor certification. Previously, she was a Charles A. Beard School Corporation teacher for the elementary grades until 2000, when she retired after twenty-seven years of teaching. her favorite part about working at HealthRidge? “Exercise is wonderful therapy for the body, mind, and soul. HealthRidge environment is professional, positive, supportive. New Castle is lucky to have this well-run facility!”

Besides instructing, Kay enjoys playing music on the flute or piano, swimming, reading, traveling, cooking and needlework.

Sheila Wooten

Sheila Wooten has been a PRN receptionist at HealthRidge since December 2014.  She began teaching Water Aerobics in 2015 and added Water Walking part-time in 2016.  Sheila has a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University, and has worked as a teacher, teacher’s aide, and secretary.  She retired from full-time work in 2005 after working as a Family Case Manager at the Division of Family and Children’s Services for 25 years.

Sheila enjoys exercising in the gym and the pool.  When she isn’t at HealthRidge, she loves spending time with her grandchildren, working with preschool children at her church, attending bible study, and reading.

Sheila says “I enjoy working at HealthRidge and love my co-workers and the people we all serve.”